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Torchwood, the hit BBC and STARZ franchise returns in an all-new 10-part fanfiction series – Torchwood: Legion of Time. John Barrowman stars as the handsome, enigmatic hero, Captain Jack Harkness, alongside Eve Myles as Torchwood Operative Gwen Cooper and Mikhi Phifer as CIA Agent Rex Matheson.
As the world slowly recovers from the impact of Miracle Day, representatives of the Three Families arrive and announce their intentions. Phase Two is in motion, and the repercussions will reverberate not just around the world, but across the universe. The newly formed Torchwood team have to act quickly if they hope to prevent this new danger. In a seemingly unrelated case, three alien incursions in random locations across LA keep the team distracted while Jilly Kitzinger rises quickly up the ranks. Her new boss has a proposition for her. The Torchwood team are joined by two new recruits but one of the team becomes lost. Can they be saved? And can them join together to save the universe.
Torchwood: Legion of Time stars John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper, Rex Matheson as Mikhi Phifer, Kai Owen as Rhys Williams, Milo Ventimiglia as CIA Agent, Sonya Walger as CIA Agent, featuring Lauren Ambrose as Jilly Kitzinger. Other familiar faces will also reprise their roles.
Torchwood: Legion of Time is as follows:
1)       Five
2)       One of Us
3)       Reborn a Leader
4)       The Legion
5)       Practice Run
6)       Three Years
7)       Death of an Enemy
8)       Phase Two
9)       Only One Thing
10)     Power
Note 1 – Some of the episode titles have been changed slightly, to avoid spoilers.
Note 2 – Episode titles subject to change. 


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